Blog Syndication – How to create an E-book from your Blog Post

Blog Syndication – How to create an E-book from your Blog Post

A great way to get your blog “found” by more eyeballs is to syndicate your blog.

So you have a blog.

You’d quite like people to see it – since you’ve spent so much time writing every post.

But no one seems to find it.

Socialise your blog and get some good back links by publishing your blog post as an article or Ebook on Zinepal.

Every time you do a blog post do the following to help “socialise” your blog (it’ll make some new friends).

1. Tweet it

2. Share on Facebook

3. Google+ it

Then Zinepal it into an EBook or E-Article I like to call it.

At the end of this process you’ll have a professional looking PDF of your blog post as well as a Kindle Version and an E-Book.

Zinepal creates eBooks in the PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats.

  1. Set up a free account at Zinepal – choose a username you’ll be happy showing on your publications.

Click on the Create Yours page and enter the address of a web page, blog or feed that you want to include in your eBook or article.

Click on Select Stories – if you have entered your blog domain and not a blog post – all your blog posts will be listed.

How to use Zinepal to make an ebook of your blog

Choose which story/stories you’d like to include in your E-Book or E-Article by checking or unchecking each post.

Select Stories

Then when you are done, click the “Preview Your eBook” button at the top of the page.

Zinepal then creates a preview of your eBook.

When you are done, click the "Preview Your eBook" button at the top of the page. Zinepal then creates a preview of your eBook.

Edit the keywords, layout, fonts and title by clicking on the Customize Ebook button

 Customize Ebook button

  • When you are happy (keep checking the preview) then click on Finalize Ebook.
  • I normally add my logo, an advertising banner and an introduction.
  • I check the box to say I’d like a copy emailed to me (saved me saving it) and I tick the box to Publish it to Scribd as well.
  • There you go – easy as that – your E-Article is now published on another platform for more people to see – with links to your blog right in the article.

The articles look professional and it’s easy to think someone would have taken quite some time to achieve this result.

Preview of finished article

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